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Selected as a Best Book of 2019 by Amazon.com

Selected as Best Children's Book of 2019 by Amazon.com

“A lovely celebration of the simple joy of childhood” Kirkus Reviews

“A perfect ending to a toddler’s adventure-filled day” SLJ

PIGS IN A BLANKET Chronicle Books 2019

Selected as one of the Best Board Books of 2018

by the School Library Journal. This is what Betsy Bird had to say, “Oh, I LIKE this one! See that little wheel along the side? Well, the idea here is that you turn it and the object that you’re looking for will end up randomly in each character’s hand (or paw, or wing, etc.). The child reader really, truly, and honestly doesn’t know where it is. The select the hand and lift the flap to see if they’re correct. It’s incredibly simple, effective, efficient, and smart.”

GUESS WHICH HAND Chronicle Books 2018